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About the school and the approach from Founder & Educator K.Ruby Blume
The process of learning is a process that thankfully never ends. Getting a good education is not about finding an expert to download everything into your head—a true educator calls on you to use your own smarts to get the information you need while modeling self-discipline and follow-through. The keystones of learning are the ability to ask good questions, the skill to track down information, the confidence to try something you have never done before and the willingness to fail and learn from your mistakes.

Our goal at IUH is to make what we present simple and digestible— to give you enough information and hands-on experience to get started on your own the very next day. We may not have the answers to every question, but we will work with you to discover how to get them.

The school is committed to skill sharing and non-hierarchical structures. Your knowledge and information (even contradictory) is welcome at every class.

We are also committed to education as vehicle for changing ourselves and the world. The school is a direct result of deep inquiry into activism and what will change how we live in this country. We believe that people who are self-reliant, self-sufficient and who know how to live in balance with their environment, whether urban or rural are essential to that change

So please come on down to our kitchen garden and workshop to learn with us and teach us. Let's make friends, grow food and expand the urban knowledge base!

Agitate, Educate, Pollinate!